Household Poverty Reduction

Helping The Community

In collaboration with Centre for Equity Promotion East Africa (CfEP EA), we propose to implement activities that address poverty eradication by looking at the Sustainable Development Goals on a post-2015 arena that captures poverty as a consequence of poor Agriculture and its relationship to Nutrition, Health, Sanitation and Low levels of education attainment.

Since Poverty is a major macroeconomic challenge, our major focus is to address the analogy of “Child Poverty” which is anchored in low levels of education attainment and hunger.

This project tackles four areas linked to poor child nutrition, development and learning abilities in the targeted communities of the Wakiso District, Central Uganda:

  • The lack of accessible Early Childhood Development (ECD) services;

  • The scarcity of reading materials in the local languages;

  • Household poverty;

  • The effects of early pregnancy.

The project offers learning and reading spaces for early learning, where poor households and teenage mothers can leave their children, to attend training in sustainable agriculture and livestock keeping for self-sufficiency, enhanced food security and commercial purposes at a later stage.

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