Mentor A Mum

One Step at a Time

Early pregnancy is widespread across Uganda. If statistics were to introduce us to one hundred women and girls, 57 of them would have given birth before their 16th birthday. We would meet 22 girls who became mums before age 14.


The social stigma and economic repercussions an excluded young mother faces generally end her school career. The moment her pregnancy is detected, a girl finds herself with no recourse for support, monetary or social. Now, with a newborn requiring significant care, a girl, still a child herself, is expected to stave off family dishonour with early marriage and almost no prospect for quality education.

Developed in response to the widespread concern of early pregnancy in Uganda, the Mentor A Mum (MAM) project, our Signature Project, puts young mothers in a position to take decisions about their own futures and those of their children.


The MAM project engages with pregnant girls and young mothers through 'Safe Learning Spaces' at different locations, where young mothers are presented with different educational options, with the aim to bring opportunity and community back into the lives of these young mothers, paving the way for their own futures and a more equitable future for their children.

Designed to be holistic and sustainable, the MAM project cultivates collaboration amongst young mums who are often isolated by social stigma.


No matter which option mums choose, young mums are accompanied by trained local mentors and participate in our foundational programmes such as Accelerated Literacy and Numeracy, Life Skills and Short Skills programmes.


Utilising their newly honed skills, after one year young mums serve as mentors to mums just entering the programme.

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